Ownership Documents Management :

NRI have many reasons to invest and hold properties in India. However, many of them may be confronting through disputes relating to property issues regarding investments in property, illegal occupation by mischievous elements, transfer of ownership or assigning power of Attorney or may me matrimonial issues. Being away from location and unable to attend personally in time, makes them wonder why they need to have such properties at all.  These problems must be tackled in it’s entirety based on physical ground reality, proper professional information and advice on Indian laws.

  • - Title verification

    Property registration is mandatory in India and it is essential to ensure that the registration extract includes the correct present status of ownership. This will assure you that the property is in name of it’s rightful owner and that no unauthorised rights have been attached to it and that the ownership title is free and clear.

  • - Title changeover documentation (Buy, Sell, Will, Inheritance, Gift, family
    arrangements etc.)

    Before entering any transaction in nature of Buy, Sell, Will, Inheritance, Gift, family arrangements etc. it will be essential to obtain extract of property registration to safeguard from any future unexpected surprises or shocks. The documents required may be, for example, like Land titles/construction permits/ approvals from authorities, Title clearance certificate, Original Construction approval from Planning/Local Area Authority or Society clearance and transfer of membership etc.

  • - Virtual and live Site visits

    Periodical virtual or live site visits will assess the safety, security, current status and general upkeep of the property.